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History of Dye Works

I grew up in a swirl of colors-electric blues, royal purples, venetian reds and India greens blanketed my crib, my clothes and the community in which I grew up. We hope you love and appreciate the authentic tie-dyes of Dye Works as much as we do. We would like our customers to know a brief history of our company: a family business now in its thirty eighth year.

Dye Works was created on a intentional Community called the Farm in Summertown TN. Based on the ideals of peace, love and working together to create a better world. My parents original members of The Farm began tie-dying in 1983.With 4 kids in tow they traveled all over the country selling Dye Works clothing. With the commitment to high quality and uniqueness our shirts have been enjoyed and recognized nationwide. They have appeared in Rolling Stone magazine, worn by Ziggy Marley, have been mainstays at Grateful Dead shows, and a fixture at craft fairs throughout the United States.

Now married with a family of my own, I am excited to carry on the family tradition of creating and selling quality handmade tie-dye garments. I appreciate and thank the thousands of people who have supported our business almost four decades.

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